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Shielded Box

provides RF shield and signal connections necessary for testing wireless devices, such as router, tablet, navigation, cordless phones, cordless phones, vehicle navigation device, notebook, other relatively large wireless devices.
In addition, different I/O data interface can be customized according to customers needs.
It’s shielding efficiency can be up to 65db ~ 80dB at 300MHz ~ 6GHz

LPSB-02 is a kind of pneumatic shielding box with large working size
It Provides RF shield and signal connections necessary for testing wireless devices, such as
router, tablet, navigation, cordless phones, cordless phones, vehicle navigation device, netbook, other relatively large wireless devices.
It employs aluminum alloys, so it has high shielding efficiency and good sealing.
The structure of it is firm.
300MHz ~ 6GHz > 80dB
Pneumatic control of lid open-close makes you have convenient operation
In addition, different I/O data interface can be customized according to customers needs.

Technical specification

  • Receiver (3D) positioner, 1pcs
  • Movement mode: Pitching, Direction, Polarization
  • Turn angle range:
  • Polarization axis: continuously rotate
  • Pitching axis: -90°~+60°
  • Direction axis`: 0~360°
  • Rotate speed range
  • Polarization axis: 1°/s ~ 60°/s
  • Pitching axis: 1°/s ~ 10°/s
  • Direction axis: 1°/s ~ 15°/s
  • Position accuracy: 0.05°(Direction), 0.2°(Pitching), 0.2°(Polarization)
  • Payload weight: 20Kg
  • Table diameter: F150
  • Environment condition:0~400C,RH≤95%
  • Controlled by local or remote
  • Communicate by RS232 (serial port)